Student Government Officers 22-23

Gracie Roland, senior, student body president
Ethan Davis, junior, student body vice president
Graham McKoy, senior, student body chaplain
Max Vanderbilt, senior, student body secretary


Mrs. Love and Mrs. Marcus
7th-8th grades: Grammar and writing + advanced reading

9th grade: Fundamentals of Literature

10th grade: World Literature

11th grade: American Literature

12th grade: British Literature


Mr. Love and Mr. Moulden
7th-8th grades: Pre-algebra, algebra or algebra honors

9th grade: Algebra or geometry

10th grade: Geometry or algebra II

11th grade: Algebra II or pre-calculus

12th grade: Calculus or business math


Mr. Huber and Mr. Malone
7th-8th grades: Earth science and life science

9th grade: Physical science

10th grade: Biology

11th grade: Chemistry

12th grade: Science elective (anatomy and physiology; engineering; marine biology)


Mr. Talbert
7th-8th grades: World studies and American studies

9th grade: Geography

10th grade: World history

11th grade: U.S. history

12th grade: Economics