Student Government Officers 23-24 
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Mr. Huber and Mrs. Marcus
7th-8th grades: Grammar and writing + advanced reading

9th grade: Fundamentals of Literature

10th grade: World Literature

11th grade: American Literature

12th grade: British Literature


Mrs. Neale, Mr. Malone, and Mr. Moulden
7th-8th grades: Pre-algebra, algebra or algebra honors

9th grade: Algebra or geometry

10th grade: Geometry or algebra II

11th grade: Algebra II or pre-calculus

12th grade: Calculus or business math


Mr. Huber and Mr. Malone
7th-8th grades: Earth science and life science

9th grade: Physical science

10th grade: Biology

11th grade: Chemistry

12th grade: Science elective (anatomy and physiology; engineering; marine biology)


Mr. Mullins and Mr. Fields
7th-8th grades: World studies and American studies

9th grade: Geography

10th grade: World history

11th grade: U.S. history

12th grade: Economics