CCS Athletics

At Calvary Christian School, we believe that physical activity is an important part of life-long health. As such, we encourage athletic participation at all grade levels and have multiple opportunities throughout each year for students to be part of a team.

Christian Winner’s Creed: “I believe that a true winner always does his best; never to the glory of self, but always to the glory of God. With the Lord’s help, I will strive to be a true winner today.”

Varsity and Junior Varsity Athletics

Calvary’s athletic teams provide students with the opportunity to develop their God-given abilities while encouraging Christ-like character during competition. Young men compete in soccer, basketball, and baseball, while the ladies participate in volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Calvary competes in the South Carolina Associations for Christian School league for Junior Varsity and High School Sports.

Middle School Athletics

Our fifth- through eighth-grade students compete locally against private schools. This is a great opportunity for our younger athletes to develop sport skills without having to travel long distances.

Elementary Athletics

We offer a several opportunities for our younger students to develop sports skills. Elementary students compete in basketball in the winter and soccer in the spring for our second through fourth grade. These teams are both interscholastic and intramural.

Preschool and Primary School Athletics

Students in K3 through second grade have the opportunity to participate in Start Smart Sports. Start Smart is a national program designed to teach sports in a fun and safe atmosphere. Soccer, basketball, tennis, and baseball are offered throughout the year.