School Uniforms

 The Calvary dress code is contained in the school handbook. A more condensed version can be downloaded here. Calvary students in grades 1 through 12 are required to wear uniforms. The following are uniform suppliers for our students.


Phone: 1-800-469-2222
Online: Click here to visit the Lands’ End Calvary Christian websiteClick here to download Lands End Order Instructions (PDF)

You may also phone for help or use their “live chat” option.  The customer service is outstanding!  Please do not hesitate to talk with them if you need any help at all!)

Preferred School Number: 900126426

Purchase SCRIP cards and use them to purchase your uniforms and you receive 100% of the profits!


Phone: 1-800-FRENCHTOAST (1-800-373-6248)
Online: Click Here to visit the French Toast website

(Enter our school’s source code in the Express Shopping box on the home page. You may also phone for help. The customer service is outstanding! Please do not hesitate to talk with them if you need any help at all.) Preferred School Number: QS446EC

Performance Attire Providers
Grades 1-6


Phone: 1-800-FRENCHTOAST (1-800-373-6248)
School Source Code: QS446EC

Grades 7-12


Phone: 1-877-837-3888
School Source Code: Calvary Christian School, Myrtle Beach