Faculty and Staff

Pastor Bosworth

Pastor Bosworth is the pastor of Calvary Bible Church, of which Calvary Christian School is a ministry. The church meets Sundays at 10:45 a.m.

Mr. Mark Roland

Mr. Roland is the principal of Calvary Christian School. He teaches Bible for grades 9-12, as well as philosophy for 12th grade.

Ms. Kathy Anderson

Ms. Anderson is the staff administrator. She also is certified to teach archery as part of our after-school program and runs the summer camp program.

Señora Almanza, Spanish
Mrs. Amelia Brewer, high school pre-nursing
Mrs. Jamie Baker, K4
Mr. Scott Campbell, finance director
Ms. Sandra Brenes, 2nd
Ms. Danielle Cassidy, 6th
Mrs. Teresa D'Errico, 5th
Mrs. Jacqueline Edge, 3rd
Mr. Peter Huber, high school science
Ms. Harriet Lang, 4th
Ms. Elizabeth Larsen, K5
Mr. Adam Love, high school math and Bible
Mrs. Tori Love, junior high English and Bible
Coach Wesley Malone, athletic director, P.E. coach, and high school math
Mrs. Robyn Mattson, office staff
Mrs. Tammy Moulden, K5
Mr. Kevin Moulden, high school math and school maintenance
Ms. Anna Owens, high school English and music director
Mrs. Shannon Parnell, 1st
Mrs. Melba Richmond, K3
Mrs. Caroline Rohr, high school English and yearbook
Mr. Ethan Talbert, high school history and junior high Bible
Mrs. Ashley Warner, P.E. coach and after-school program
Mrs. Rose Zarcone, office staff