Patriot Preschool

Patriot Preschool (K3)

Patriot Preschool, for children 3 years old, is an excellent way to prepare them for success in our K4 (pre-kindergarten) program. Students learn to listen, follow instructions, and interact socially with their classmates. Songs, rhymes, stories, and challenges are usd to create a fun learning environment. Bible stories and songs are used to teach the truths of God’s word and the foundations of a Christian worldview.

A safe environment with caring teachers provides the framework for academic, physical, spiritual and social activities. Spiritual activities include weekly chapel, daily Bible lessons, character development lessons, and relating the wonder of God’s creation in reading enrichment time, their science units, and daily interactions. Music is integrated into lessons through the curriculum and chapel. Social development is encouraged during a daily playtime, recess, and units in social studies that help the children become aware of the community around them.

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