Elementary Program

Characterized by college preparatory curricula, Calvary Christian School has the ministry of equipping students with the necessary skills and content to help your child start to realize their full God-given potential. The high academic expectations for the child set in a Christian environment enhance student learning.
The elementary program effectively prepares students with a spiritual foundation to love God, love others, use the Bible, and understand that God has created every person to glorify Him. 
We are blessed with Christian teachers who are creative, caring, and certified in their area of teaching. They create a classroom environment that encourages students to explore new learning, feel safe and secure, treat others with respect, and know that Jesus loves them.
Our elementary program includes first through sixth grades.

Academic Goals

  • to provide a Christian education that strives for academic excellence, which will enable all to proceed to a level of higher learning or training to which they may aspire and of which they are capable,
  • to inspire youth with a love for learning,
  • to teach the basic foundations in language arts, foreign language, social sciences, mathematics, science, and the practical and fine arts,
  • to teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills, 
  • to teach good study habits,
  • to promote character development, good citizenship, and leadership. 

Additional Academic Offerings


Students in grades 1-9 participate in regular physical education classes that develop skills and self-confidence while promoting teamwork and good sportsmanship. Physical education is the foundation for all of our competitive sports. Instructors focus on fitness and sport skills to develop the whole student. Proper shoes and uniforms are essential for improving skills and the fitness level of each student. High school students must have at least one year of physical education to graduate.


Students in grades 4-8 take a typing class at least once a week to learn good typing technique and to start to develop computer and technology awareness and skills. 


All elementary grades have library time at least once a week with the librarian to check out books, spend time reading, or work on projects. The library is equipped with books at K3-12 reading levels, reference materials, and nonfiction selections.


Students in grades 1-6 take Spanish class once a week taught by a native Spanish-speaker, Mrs. Almanza.


Students in grades 1-6 participate in a music class weekly and a choir session weekly with our music and choir director Ms. Owens. The elementary choirs perform at events like Grandparents Day, the Christmas Program, various chapel services, and other special occasions.

There are also additional, optional music programs that students can enroll in, including Kindermusik and private music lessons. Click here for more information on our fine arts opportunities.